Technology and Innovation

Before selling, these oils had gone through a series of tests in the most modern and the most restrictive laboratory facilities in Europe.

After that, they were tested in real-life settings, what finally allowed the product to enter the market. All the actions above guarantee that the products, which are leaving the production line, have got the highest quality and they meet, and sometimes even surpass, the latest global standards set by car manufacturers.

Official approvals

The quality of car engine oils is often assessed on the basis of car manufacturers’ official approvals. The Dutch refinery that is responsible for 100% of our production can boast with the most advanced formulas, which meet the latest requirements of car manufacturers. All information regarding official approvals are available on request at

Certified components

All the oil bases as well as refiners used to manufacture our products come exclusively from certified suppliers, the so called “Big Four”. These are the world’s greatest producers of oils bases and refiners. None of the products of our authorship was made with the use of bases from uncertified suppliers or recycled bases.

Quality control

Our refinery has the latest quality certificates (SO-9001-2015,ISO 14001-2015, and OHSAS 18001-2007). We are one of the fewest refineries that examines oils three times before it goes to the consumer. The first control: During the delivery of oil bases and refiners; The second control: After the process of “blending”, namely intermingling all the components; Third control: After distributing the oil to packages. It provides us with certainty that all the products of our creation will meet the highest global standards every time they are manufactured. At the same time we meet the requirements of car manufacturers that are essential for obtaining official approvals.

Professional Pressure Additives

All our engine oils are characterized with specially selected mixture of refiners. Their aim is to counteract the process of wearing off the elements of the engine. The package of additions designed for the needs of PMO oils, together with zinc dithiophosphate, significantly increase the thermos-oxidative stability, especially when compared to competitive products. The changes caused by temperature that undergo in the structure of chemical compounds on which the oils is based on is the reason why we are dealing with the deterioration of performance properties of oils. One can observe this by the change in viscosity or in the increase of the acid number of the oil, responsible for corrosion or the discharge of sludge and sediments. Specially selected Professional Pressure Additives reduce the oxidation resistance of lubricating compositions, and therefore offer much better engine protection.


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