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Producer of PMO oils

We are the modern company that decided to go against the trend and
create its own product, different from others.

In order to meet the needs of the most demanding clients, we have created oils
of unique quality from “Professional Motor Oil” series. Thanks to its quality, PMO
oils are considered as premium brand. All the oils are produced in the most
modern and the biggest factory in Europe, what is already the indication of their
quality. Bases for PMO oils are delivered only by the world’s largest corporations.
Some of our oils contain 70% synthetic base, what is a unique trait in
the world of oils.

PMO oils are based on PAO bases.

Who are PMO oils made for?

PMO products are made with the thought of various sectors.

It includes transportation fleets, industries, car workshops, as well as individual
clients, namely for all the people, who expect from oil to fulfil the latest world’s
standards. It is for the people, who respect their money and who require quality,
efficiency, and safety.

We have over 10 years
of experience in oil industry.

Nevertheless, it was 2017 that occurred to be a breakthrough year for
the company.

This is when we introduced our own products – PMO oils. We decided to create
authorship product line due to the fact that our clients expected the best quality
from us, which we couldn’t guarantee with the products of different producers. All
our lubricants have got all the quality certificates.

PMO Oils

Before they went on sale, they passed a series of tests in the most modern and restrictive laboratories in Europe.

Then they were tested in real conditions, which finally allowed the product to be sold. All of the above activities guarantee us that the product leaving the production line has the highest quality, meeting and often exceeding the latest global standards set by car manufacturers.

Stores with PMO oils. This number is still growing.

Satisfied customers. This number is still growing.

Liters of PMO oil produced in 2018

Certified PMO Oils products


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We meet the latest global standards in
the field of motor oils and car manufacturers.

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